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Customer Testimonials

Tart Cherry Boost


“I’m writing to inform you of the success and improvement I received since I started taking Tart Cherry Boost Shot. I have suffered with Psoriatic Arthritis for the past ten years. Since taking Tart Cherry Boost every morning I have more energy, less swelling and no pain. My wife has notice a major improvement in my health since I’ve been using the product. Organic Tart Cherry Boost has provided me more than I can ever ask for.

We learned about this product from a family member who takes it religiously every day. In fact, he stated that if he doesn’t take it every day he is unable to move because of his knee condition.”

- Kevin, Maryland

Wheatgrass tropic Juice shots


“There is nothing like a sweet drink of fresh cut wheatgrass, I like it for myself, but my urgency is due to a person I live with being diagnosed with cancer and in a lot of pain as of late. Your product helps symptom relief and I believe it heals also. So I am searching tirelessly for at least a few 6 packs of the Tropical Wheatgrass. I called several local Wegmans and they are all out of stock. If you can help in any way I will be more grateful than I already am for you and your product.”

- Michael, New York

Hello Legacy Juice Works.

“I am really interested in purchasing your product from you guys directly. I love how the cold pressed Juice shots are so tasty and so simple with only a handful of ingredients. I was at a supermarket the other day and I picked up a Juice shot that wasn't by Legacy Juice Bar and let me tell you that the little 2oz bottle had more ingredients then the actually juice that's suppose to benefit you from Juice shot. I will be continuing to buy this product because of the health benefits and once again it's so simple and good I love it.

- H.G. Los Angeles


“We were a finalist in BevNet’s Top New Beverage Awards held in Santa Monica, CA in 2017. Of the 10 new Brand lines chosen we finished 2nd place nationally and won the people’s choice vote.”

“We were a finalist at the World Beverage Innovation Awards in 2018 under the Best Juice Category.”

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